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7 Drywall Types and Their Uses

Depending on the project and where they will be installed, there are many types of drywall.

But the real question is.. Which is the right type of drywall for your project?

To help you better understand the 7 drywall types and their uses, we’ve put together a list:

Regular Drywall (White Board)

Regular drywall — also known as “White Board” — is the most common and comes in 4 x 8 panels, ranging from ⅜ inch to 1 inch in thickness.

To determine whether or not it is regular drywall, check to see if one side is white and one side is brown.

White board drywall is the most economic drywall type on the market.

Green Board Drywall

Green board drywall is mostly used in bathrooms, basement walls, kitchens and laundry rooms as the green side is known for being moisture resistant.

Although it is moisture resistant, it is not completely waterproof.

Keep in mind that green board drywall is more expensive than regular drywall.

Blue Board Drywall

Blue board drywall — also known as “Plaster Base Board” — is mostly used for veneer plastering.

Since the surface paper has special absorption qualities, it has a high water and mold resistance.

Like green board drywall, blue board drywall is works extremely well in bathrooms or places with a lot of moisture.

This type of board helps reduce noise but it is not made for tape, paint or mud.

Paperless Drywall

Unlike other drywall types, paperless drywall is covered with fiberglass to keep the gypsum board from rotting and help provide a greater resistance to mildew and mold.

The quality of the board is a bit rougher than regular drywall, but it makes for an easier cut.

Due to the roughness of the fiberglass, applying joint compound to smooth out the surface is recommended.

Purple Drywall

If your drywall is going to be in contact with water, this is the one to use.

Purple drywall has the same feel and sizing as regular drywall, but it is much more resistant to moisture and mold.

Construction pros typically hang this type of drywall in ceilings and walls where there’s an increase in moisture, such as a bathroom where steam is created.

Type X Drywall

“Type X” drywall is made with special noncombustible fibers and normally used in garages, rooms and apartment buildings in case of a fire.

Several thicknesses can be used in layers to increase its fire rating, but it normally comes in ⅝ thickness.

Due to its thickness, it is harder to cut and work with than regular drywall.

This so-called fire-resistant drywall is required by several building codes.

Soundproof Drywall

Soundproof drywall is denser than regular drywall and is made with a mix of wood fibers, gypsum and polymers in order to increase its soundproofing characteristics.

This type of drywall is normally used in rooms where noise will be increased, such as a family room.

If you are a musician, this type of drywall would be perfect for your music room.

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