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Just a 40 minute drive from downtown Chicago sits the small town of Whiting, Indiana. This community is a great place to live, work, and visit. Lake Michigan is just a few minutes away, making it convenient for residents to enjoy the dunes and the water as the weather gets warmer. The community has a cozy feel that makes it so enjoyable to be a part of. Visitors can find plenty to do, including shopping and dining at unique and popular establishments. There are also several parks and recreation areas nearby. If you’re looking for a small town with a big city feel, then Whiting is the place for you! The residents and business owners of Whiting can count on the professionals at Bill’s Drywall to keep their properties looking pristine, whether that means installing new drywall during construction or repairing old drywall to its former glory. 

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Residential Drywall Services Designed To Work For You

Drywall is a necessary part of any home. It is responsible for creating walls and ceilings, and can be used in a variety of ways to repair or improve a room. Whether you’re looking for new construction drywall, remodel drywall, or simply repairing issues in existing drywall, the professionals at Bill’s Drywall can handle it because we’ve been doing it everyday for over three decades! Drywall makes a building a building. Anyone would agree. Families who are remodeling their homes or renovating their homes will find that residential drywall is an essential part of the project. 

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Our team of friendly, experienced professionals has been providing customers with great service for a long time. We’re dedicated to our work and always aim to exceed customer expectations. Whether you need help with a simple task or a more complex project, we’re here to help and always happy to lend a hand. Thanks to our great work, we’ve built a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. We’re proud of the long-standing relationships we’ve formed with our clients and will continue to work hard to maintain that trust.

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